Praise for City Secrets:

"This idiosyncratic guide helps jadedvisitors see the Eternal City anew."
--The New York Times 


"An extraordinary resource."
--Travel + Leisure


"Escape from the crowds and chaos can be a challenge in Rome, but help comes in theform of City Secrets Rome. Architect and former resident Robert Kahn has collected the wisdom of his artist and writer friends in a guide that peels back the layers of the city's charms."
--Condé Nast Traveler 


"City Secrets Rome is always filled with the kind of information you would get from a friend who had spent years living in the Italian capital . . . After using City Secrets Rome, you'll never want to go back to the standard guidebook."


"The best literary gift to Italian travelers since the Baedeker and Henry James."
--Financial Times


"This insider's guide to the Eternal City is petite and wrapped in a tasteful cloth cover that doesn't scream ‘naïve foreigner.'"
--Los Angeles Times Magazine


"Does the world need another guide book? The answer, strange as it may seem to those who have agonized over just which ones to buy and carry abroad, is maybe yes . . . City Secrets Rome is not only slim, small and light but also packed with information not easily available elsewhere. It should be everyone's pick to supplement any guide more devoted to the travel basics"


"Today's proliferating travel journalists and guidebook writers seem to be portraying the world with an increasing uniformity of approach. It is thus with enormous relief that one comes across guidebooks written from an unusual and at times commercially foolhardy perspective. The crisply designed City Secrets Rome is one such guidebook with difference." --Quarterly (London)


"Architect Robert Kahn's City Secrets Rome and City Secrets Florence, Venice and the Towns of Italy are full of interesting finds, even for those who know Italy well."
--Town & Country


"Like last year's indispensable Rome guide, City Secrets Florence, Venice& the Towns of Italy, offers insider tips from artists, writers, historians, and architects."
--New York Magazine


"City Secrets guides are unlike any others on the market . . . in this case, a formidable cross section of London's intelligentsia . . . share their inside information on the parts of London they know best, the sorts of places that they might reveal to visiting friends, the keys that might unlock some of the city's meaning."
--The Sunday Times (London)


"Endlessly fascinating, a miscellany which yields something extraordinary every time you dip into it."
--Independent on Sunday


"Niles and Frasier Crane would love this book . . . crammed with tips . . . Full marks for letting words do the work."
--The Observer (London)

"The next time I go to London, this book goes with me."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"In-the-know Big Apple-ites such as John Guare, Oliver Sacks, and Kate Spade share their city secrets . . . "
--Vanity Fair


"City Secrets New York City, the latest installment in architect Robert Kahn's invaluable series of insider guides for travelers, comprises recommendations from more than three hundred writers, artists, historians, gourmands, and other notables . . . who live and work in New York. Entries in the form of personal vignettes explore everything from art to food, architecture to shopping, and music to landmarks, in all five boroughs."
--New York Magazine


"This new series shows each city through the eyes of those who know it best . . . taken together, their recommendations provide travelers with the ultimate insider's tour. They are the hot guide . . . Wonderful keepsakes."
--Savvy Traveler, Public Radio International


 "There are enough discoveries and insights to keep a native, let alone a visitor, tramping the streets for years."
--Daily Telegraph


"Guides with tips from inhabitants such as Laura Linney and Kate Spade for NYC."
--InStyle Magazine

A wonderfully subjective little guide to the best films of all time."
--Graydon Carter, Editor, Vanity Fair

Richly eclectic and wildly browsable is the book City Secrets Movies: The Essential Insider's Guide, from the City Secrets Arts & Letters series. . . . Surprising and revealing, City Secrets Movies is the instant response to the lament "There's nothing to watch."
--Town & Country

" The future of guidebooks."
--Good Magazine


"City Secrets New York City is a subjective collection of suggestions from people who love the city, who know the nooks and crannies. . . . Every neighborhood and borough is covered. It might be a quiet little park, a Russian Turkish bath, an eye-popping candy store or a hundred-year-old place to find heavenly focaccia in Brooklyn."
--Kurt Andersen, WNYC National Public Radio

"This isthe other side of the moon from most city guides."
--The Irish Times


"Compiles little gems from an enviable list of writers, musicians, archeologists, artists. . . who share their favorite corners of New York and its boroughs."


"Think you've seen or readall the great books and films there are to digest? Think again. City Secrets Books & Movies are your guide to gems of cinema and literature that are mostly overlooked, compiled from recommendations given by some of the world's most well-respectedminds on either subject."


Movies: The Ultimate Insider's Guide is an offbeat, expertly curated compendium of hundreds of movies you may have missed. Assembled by the author of the City Secrets series of urban guidebooks,this 304-page handbook offers quick, informal movie recommendations from filmstars, bit players, and everyday film buffs."


Before I die, I want to spend a weekend hidden away in some idyllic place, watching all the wonderful movies I have never heard of. To prepare for this weekend, I have this book."
Mary-Louise Parker

"Is there any more heavenly pleasure than the anticipation of pleasure? So much concise and persuasive passion by such smart and interesting people about so many intriguing and unfamiliar works! My next severalyears are hereby, um, booked."
--Kurt Andersen

"What a superb literary map . . . within, even the most jaded readers can find marvels."
--Junot Diaz

"These short essays are a rich and lucid reminder of the books thathave moved us and should not be forgotten. It is a great gift--a wonderful reading list, a literary road trip."
--A.M. Homes